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Join Silver Hawks Booster Club

Help the Silver Hawk Boosters take flight this year as a Booster Club Member.

The Silver Hawk Booster Club is a non-profit organization of parents and staff focused on promoting and supporting the needs of LSW Athletics.



Silk Sheet Transparent
  • 20 Athletic teams

  • Practice facilities/ equipment

  • After contest meals

  • Weight room improvements

  • Team bonding activities

  • Other athletic needs not funded by LPS


(per person)


              1 Year - $35                  4 Years - $120 ($20 savings!)         LSW Staff - $10

Questions? Please contact

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Silver Hawk Boosters, please contact your parent representative or a Board member.


Your email address will only be used for membership purposes. If your child is involved with a particular sport, you will need to provide your email to each activity so that the parent representatives can get you any necessary information. 

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