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Silver Hawk Booster Club Board Positions

The following Board positions are available for the 2023-24 school year. All positions are a two year term, beginning July 1st through June 30th.

SHBC Board members:

>must be a parent/guardian of an current LSW student athlete
>cannot be an LPS employee in any capacity
>attends the monthly Booster Club meetings
>must be a member of the Silver Hawks Booster Club ($35/year membership)

Please send any questions to
If interested in a particular positions or want to submit a nomination, please send an email to Elections will take place at the April Board meeting.

-Principal executive officer of the Athletics Boosters
-Presides at
all meetings of the Athletics Board and performs all duties prescribed by the Board
-Acts as a liaison between and among the school administration, coaches, parent representatives, and the Booster Club's members
-Updates and make necessary changes to the website
-Posts periodic updates to social media
-Responsible for promoting and encouraging membership of parents and staff, as well as sponsorships from businesses within the community
-Responsible for maintaining a membership database
-Maintains records and is responsible for monthly posts associated with the SHBC Sponsorship program
-Overseas the financial responsibilities of the Booster Club towards the athletic department and sports teams
-Responsible for other duties associated with vacant positions until that position is filled

Vice President
-In the absence of the President, the Vice President performs the duties of the President
-Assists with duties assigned to the Board by the President

-Keep the minutes of the monthly Athletic meetings
-Responsible for publishing the minutes via email to the President for review at each meeting

-Responsible for all funds and securities of the Booster club
-Receives monies due and payable to the Athletics teams, provides receipts, and deposits funds in a timely manner
-Makes payments for expenses Athletics teams have authorized to be paid
-Reviews the financial activity for the Booster Club and shares individual team reports with individual sports.
-Must be comfortable using Quickbooks Online accounting program

Booster Store Manager
-Identify and purchase merchandise sold within Silverhawk Authentic, with a focus on items that promote school spirit and generate a profit to further support school activities and the school itself.
-Maintain and seek out relationships with vendors who supply merchandise for Silverhawk Authentic.
-Plan, implement, and oversee all aspects of sales promotions offered throughout the school year.
-Maintain an inventory of the store's merchandise and provide an annual update (at the end of each fiscal year)
-Train and coordinate hours for volunteers
-Oversee Lincoln Southwest logo and brand as they relate to store merchandise and athletic apparel
-Must be comfortable using Square point-of-sale system
-Oversee the processing of letter jacket orders throughout the school year
*Due to the nature of the store, the Booster Store Manager must be available somewhat during during school hours.

-Assists with duties assigned to the Board by the President

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