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Our Booster Store is located in the main entrance of Lincoln Southwest High School, adjacent to the main office. All forms and mail for the Silver Hawks Booster Club can be given to the appropriate representative or put in our mailbox located right outside of the Booster Store.
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Below you will find sample forms for each form listed. You can choose to fill out each form in either an excel form or print out and fill in a PDF form. After completion, please submit forms with proper documentation to the booster club mailbox.

**Failure to complete forms in their entirety (including with proper signatures and with supporting documentation) may result in a delay in processing.**


All teams and groups affiliated with the Silver Hawks Booster Club must submit an annual budget to their respective board treasurer at the beginning of the year/season for approval. Budgets must also be submitted for approval for large fundraisers.


To be reimbursed for an expense or request a bill to be paid, a completed expense voucher with correct attached documentation must be submitted to the treasurer.


For tax reporting and record keeping purposes, each deposit must also include a completed deposit form. Each form submitted can be customized according to the reason the money was received.


Use the request form when seeking a specific amount of cash for a fundraiser or event. In addition, use the cash box deposit form to count cash and currency after.


Use the sponsorship form if you're a business or organization wanting to sponsor one or more of our Silver Hawks teams.
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